Founded in early 2002, ProAgro currently occupies the leading place amongst local Ukrainian Agribusiness Information and Consulting Companies. Despite being a start-up company, it has the experienced staff which accumulated an extensive knowledge and gained a grasp of the agricultural market.

Our team – young professionals who have polished up their mastery being employees of the prominent Ukrainian commodity exchanges, trading and agribusiness information consulting companies. Not only have we obtained a wide experience of market monitoring, analysis and forecasting, we always are capable of coming to the point of the problem under investigation.

Our line of activity is: in-depth study of the agricultural market with further provision of the informational andconsulting services.

ProAgro supports its own databases and monitors market situation on a regular basis, gathering information from agribusiness companies and official sources. We focus on studying domestic grain, oilseed and sugar markets as well as foreign (including global market and markets of particular countries, which are considered to be foreground in respect of foreign trade). Thus our experts have an entire opportunity to analyze market information, develop estimates and forecasts.

We currently serve over 300 traders, producers, processors, news agencies and institutions in Ukraine, CIS and other countries across the globe via our professional market reports andconsulting services and over 9,000 companies via our free bulletin. Citation and references to ProAgro information or our experts could be found through Ukrainian mass media, web-sites all over CIS and some leading international news agencies that cover the field of agriculture.

ProAgro is consistent with the principle to convey its own views. ProAgro have never traded commodities and have never stood up for interests of any market operator. This fact gives a guarantee of impartiality and objectivity of the information provided.