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Kyiv Golf Centre

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May 19, 2017, on the eve of the summer season of intensive transportation of agricultural products, ProAgro Information Company will host the II Agrarian Conference on Transport Logistics and Warehouse.

Logistics remains the most problematic bottleneck for the Ukrainian agrarian market in general and for every participant thereof in particular. It is common to think, that there is lack of elevators, grain carriers and locomotives, overloaded cars damage the roads, and river transportation is only for privileged in Ukraine. Still, along with the global market problems there are ones, independent solution of which will allow agrarian companies to achieve considerable cost-effectiveness of moving a crop from the field to a customer. For example, to organize control over one’s own logistics, optimize loading and weighing equipment of an elevator, plan sales and shipments, and even to form one’s own railway trains.

The Conference aims at bringing together specialists with considerable experience in management of transport and warehouse logistics of agrarian enterprises who will be able to share their solutions of challenges faced by the industry, their ways to optimize logistics and its costs.

During the II Agrarian Conference on Transport Logistics and Warehouse, we are planning to discuss the following questions:

  • Agrocompany’s logistics planning
  • Harvesting and crop transportation, shipment from an elevator: finding bottlenecks, evaluation of influence on quality and quantity, ways for optimization
  • Railway transportation vs. truck transportation: railway transportation is cheaper but how can the problem of a lack of railway carriages be solved?
  • Single-destination grain trains: is it a real option under conditions of Ukraine?
  • One’s own grain carriers fleet: experience is already available, but are expectations met?
  • Securing safety of cargo during transportation: technical and legal aspects
  • Development of river logistics: why it is needed and why it is difficult
  • Long distance grain transportation: a special approach to sales planning taking into account a peak period
  • Elevator functioning optimization: modernization experience taking into account load increase
  • Goods and materials logistics of an agrarian enterprise
  • Peculiarities of interrelations of agro companies and carriers

Traditionally, our speakers are experts specializing in the work of agrocompanies, practitioners having vast experience in management of logistics infrastructure and agricultural entities. Ten speakers will share their expertise and experience with the conference participants.

We do not change the meeting place as well - Golf Center Kiev at Obolon Quay.

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