Ukrainian farmers are provided with mineral fertilizers by 75% as of 24th of February 2017

12:07 | ProAgro

Agricultural companies have already ordered 958 KMT of mineral fertilizers, 723 KMT of which have already been acquired.

It is reported by the press service of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

According to the report, the need for plant protection chemicals for the period of spring and summer field works is about 28.6 KMT compared to 27.8 KMT of the last year (including the need for herbicides at 18.9 KMT). According to the officials, 14.5 KMT of pesticides (51% of demand), including 10 KMT of herbicides (53%) have been already bought.

It also reported that the farmers need for the fuel in 2017 is about 1.4 MMT of diesel fuel and 323 KMT of gasoline. For the spring field works - 401 KMT of diesel fuel and 95 KMT of gasoline are needed for the “carefree” maintenance. As of 24 February 2017, it has been already purchased 274 KMT of diesel fuel and 65 KMT of gasoline, accounting for respectively 68% and 69% of the total demand.