Corn stocks accounted for 53% of the total grain volume as of 1 April 2017

10:03 | ProAgro

According to ProAgro with a reference to State Statistics Service of Ukraine, as of April 1, 2017, agricultural enterprises (except small ones) and enterprises, engaged in storage and processing of grain crops had 15 348.6 KMT of grain, which is 18.7% higher than the indicator for the same date of 2016.

The increase in aggregate grain reserves was achieved primarily due to the increase in the volumes of stored corn. In comparison with the index as of April 1, 2016, the reserves of this crop increased by 67% in relative terms or by 3.29 MMT in absolute terms. Reserves of other crops, except for wheat, also showed an increase, but their share in the total volume is not so high.

In particular, on the indicated date enterprises had in stock:
- wheat - 4.98 MMT (20.7% less than a year ago), which corresponds to 32% of the total grain storage volume;
- corn - 8.22 MMT (66.7% more than a year ago), which corresponds to 53% of the total;
- barley - 1.38 MMT (23.7% more than a year ago), which corresponds to 8% of the total;
- rye - 87.4 KMT (23.3% more than a year ago) or 0.8% of the total grain storage.
Directly agricultural enterprises stored 8.01 MMT of grain, including 2.66 MMT of wheat, 3.97 MMT of corn, 776 KMT of barley and 45 KMT of rye.
Enterprises carrying out storage and processing had 7.34 MMT of grain, including 2.32 MMT of wheat, 4.25 MMT of corn, 600.3 KMT of barley and 42,4 KMT of rye.
The largest grain reserves were in Poltava region - 2.06 MMT, of which 83% were corn. More than 1 MMT of grain at the beginning of March this year was additionally stored in Vinnitsya, Chernigov, Kiev and Odessa regions.
The smallest grain stocks at the reporting date were in Transcarpathian, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions.