In April 2017, Ukraine exported 72 KMT of sugar

17:19 | ProAgro

In April 2017, Ukrainian producers exported 72.4 KMT of sugar, which is 19% less than in March.

It was reported by ProAgro with a refference to the press service of the Ukrtsukor association.

According to the report, the largest deliveries of Ukrainian sugar in the reporting month were carried out to Libya - 14.2 KMT (20%), Sudan - 13.1 KMT (18%) and Somalia - 12.8 KMT (17.6% ). Also, supplies continued to Sri Lanka (10%), Azerbaijan (7.6%), Georgia and Albania (3.6% each).

"In total, in the current marketing year 684 KMT of sugar were delivered to foreign markets, which is a record volume for the Ukrainian sugar industry.It should be noted that the import volume was really small - in April it was 159 tons and if we count for the marketing year - only 1 KMT. Such amount poses no threat to food safety and imported sugar is used mainly in pastries sector and has a negligible demand among consumers", - commented the head of the analytical department of Ukrtsukor Ruslana Butylo.

According to experts, next year sugar production will grow to 2.3-2.5 MMT, taking into account the increase in acreage to 330-350 thousand ha. The demand for the domestic market for 2017 is about 1.54 MMTof sugar, which will allow more than 1 MMT of sugar to be sold to foreign markets.