In April 2017, Ukraine exported oil worth of $440 million 10:18
The volumes of sunflower processing continued to increase in March 2017 unlike other key oilseeds 15:16
Export of mustard seeds from Ukraine: geography of foreign trade and main exporting companies 10:31
Profitability of oil flax cultivation in Ukraine is 46% according to the experts 16:54
Spring grain crops were sown on an area of more than 3 million ha (as of April 25, 2017) 10:15
The amount of cash inflows from Ukrainian corn exports decreased by almost a third during the last five years 15:21
An increase in exports of sunflower and soybean products was observed in March 2017 12:00
According to the results of September-March MY 2016/17, Ukraine increased the production of vegetable oil by 25% 10:31
In 2017 Ukraine will increase soybean production by 10-12% according to Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine 16:43
The stocks of mustard seeds in Ukraine decreased to about 9 KMT in March 2017 10:55
Ukraine exported a record 684 KMT of sunflower oil in March 2017 16:27
The world production and trade forecast in soybeans is increased 15:41
In February 2017 Ukrainian enterprises intensified the processing of flax seeds 11:04
2 million ha were already sown by early grain - data for April 7, 2017 17:04
The processing volumes of key oilseeds showed a decrease during February 2017 16:49
Sunflower: production forecast for the season 2017/18 17:26
TOP-10 largest processors of sunflower in September-January MY 2016/17 15:56
World forecast for soybean production in MY 2016/17 has been increased owing to Brazil 16:54
Since the beginning of MY 2016/17, Ukrainian enterprises have produced about 2.5 MMT of raw sunflower oil 12:25
Processing volumes of the key oilseeds in January 2017 significantly exceeded last year"s results 10:01