Ukraine: beef cattle-breeding and meat market

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This new report contains a detailed analysis of beef cattle breeding and beef and veal market in Ukraine for the last several years. The research provides full analysis of the main market development trends from 2000 till 2008, the current status and prospects, losses and failures, breeding technologies, mixed fodder market for cows, the questions of pedigree business, standardization and produced meat quality evaluation, Ukraine meat industry functioning, domestic and foreign beef and meat products trade.

The issues of state regulation and support for cattle breeding and beef production in Ukraine as well as industry consequences after Ukraine’s accession to WTO are discussed. The market positions of the main beef producers are shown separately.

Table of contents 

1.      Introduction

2.      Global Beef Market

2.1. World Market

2.2. Russian Market

2.3. Byelorussian Market

3.      Cattle Breeding in Ukraine

3.1. Selection and Breeding industry potential

3.2. Main Beef Cattle Breeds

3.3. Main Raising Technologies and Development Trends

3.3.1.Technologies of Beef Cattle Raising Used in Ukraine

3.3.2.Progressive Technologies of Cattle Keeping and Feeding n Example of a Ukrainian Farm

3.4. Problems and Risks of Cattle Raising

4.      Development Trends of Beef Cattle Market in Ukraine

4.1. Cattle Breeding Situation and Causes of Industry Problems

4.2. Cattle Livestock, Productivity and Beef Production

4.3. Large-Scale Beef Production. Leading Producers and Their Market Shares

4.4. Profitability of Beef Production

4.5. Beef Sales

4.6. Beef Supply for Meat-Processing Enterprises

4.7. Price Policies and Price-Setting

4.8. Meat and Slaughter Quality Estimate

4.9. Problems of Slaughter and Meat-Processing Technologies

5.      Cattle Mixed Fodders Market

5.1. Cattle Needs for Fabricated Fodders

5.2. Main Development Trends of Fabricated Cattle Fodder Feedstock Base

5.3. Main Development Trends of Mixed Fodder Market

5.4. Development Trends of Cattle Mixed Fodder Production

6.      Domestic Beef Supply

6.1. Main Development Trends of Meat-Processing Industry

6.2. Competitive Environment: Main Players and Their Meat-Processing Market Shares

6.3. Industrial Production of Beef and Other Meat Products

6.3.1.General Trends

6.3.2.Beef and Veal


6.5. Canned Meat

6.5.1.General Trends

6.5.2.Canned Beef

7.     Foreign Trade in Beef and Meat Products

7.1. Main Trends and Characteristics of Foreign Trade in Meat and Meat Products

7.2. Exports: Commodity Pattern, Geography

7.3. Imports: Commodity Pattern, Geography

8.     State Regulation of Cattle Breeding Industry

8.1. Legislative Base

8.2. Customs Regulation

8.2. Main Problems Related to Standardization of Meat Products

9.   Ukrainian Meat Market in View of WTO Accession

10.  Objectives and Prospects of Development of Cattle Market and Meat Industry of Ukraine

11.  Market in Figures

11. Appendixes

This research covers 140 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman) including 18 pages of statistics and appendixes.

The subscribers are also provided with address database of all Ukrainian cattle-breeding farms (MSExcel, in Ukrainian). 

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