Ukraine: grain storage system and silo industry

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Market Research

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New study focuses on a grain storage system of Ukraine. Grain storages and silos types, their capacities and location, technique and methods of grains and oilseeds storage are described in detail. Characteristics of grain silo owners, proprietors and holders, competition on the storage capacities market and their adequacy to market needs are described in the study.

Features and risks of the grain storage market as well as silo construction, lease and purchase issues are considered in detail. Individual chapters are dedicated to silo activities, their equipment and documents circulation, prospects of a grain storage system and silo industry development as well as state support and legislation. The Table of contents, which is presented below, contains a list of all issues addressed in the study.

Grain trade is one of the most promising, profitable and attractive branches in Ukraine from investment viewpoint. After grains have been harvested, the most important issue is to store them to avoid losses and excessive costs. All producers and consumers of these products, such as agrarian companies, farmers, intermediaries, industrial complexes, plants and exporters need services of qualitative grain storage. The study will assist in sorting out all the nuances of this industry.

Table of Contents

1. Study Summary

2. Grains and Oilseeds Market of Ukraine

a. General Characteristics

b. Production and Supply

c. Consumption and Demand

i. Domestic

ii. Export

d. Development Trends and Prospects

3. Grain Storage System

a. General Characteristics

b. Grain Storages and Silos Types, Their Capacities and Main Features

c. Geographical Location

d. Port Silos

e. Compliance of Storage and Grain Follow-Up Processing Capacities with:

i. Producers’ Needs

ii. Grains and Oilseeds Supply and Its Geography

iii. Main Transportation Flows (line)

iv. Exporters’ Needs (Port and Border Capacities)

f. Main Industry Development Trends

4. Technique of Grain Storages and Silos

a. Grain Storages and Silos Types

b. Equipment Used

c. Transport Logistics and Acceptance/Dispatch Methods

i. Line Silos

ii. Port Silos

d. Grains an Oilseeds Storage Methods (Regimes)

e. Grain Disinfection Methods

f. Grain Processing Equipment Compliance with Silo Capacities

g. Rules of Technological Processes Conduct and Organization at a Silo

5. Silos Activities

a. Services Provided and Cost Thereof

b. Indicators and Dynamics of Utilization

c. Activities of Silos Belonging to Agricultural Holdings

d. Export Silos

e. Logistics and Economic Advantages of Geographical Location

6. Silos Owners

a. Privatization History and Schemes

b. State Silos

c. Silo as Component of Agricultural Holding Structure

d. Private Independent Silos, incl. Leasing

e. Port Silos

f. Small "Village" Grain Storages and Silos

g. Largest Owners and Holders

h. Competition Policy on the Storage Capacities Market

7. Features and Risks of the Grain Storage Market

a. Silos Utilization

b. Seasonal Factors

c. Possible Problems at Grain Delivery and Acceptance

d. Problems Related to Document Circulation

8. New Silo Construction

a. Silo Location Selection

b. Project and Construction Permission

c. Production Equipment Selection

d. Factors that Influence Economic Efficiency of a Silo Work

e. Announced Plans and Projects

f. SWOT-Analysis

9. Leasing and Purchase of an Existing Silo

10. Equipment for Grain Storage Industry

a. Offered Equipment and Suppliers

b. Import of Equipment for Silos

11. Legislation and State Support

a. State Policy and Legal Framework

b. Grain Silo Certification

c. Requirements for Certified Grain Silo

d. Silo Documentation and Documents Circulation

e. Technical Regulations on Grains and Oilseeds Quality

12. Grain Storage System and Silo Industry Development Prospects

a. Large Line Silos

b. Small "Village" Silos

c. Port Capacities and Silos

13. Statistics

14. Appendixes


187 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 122 pages, + statistics and main appendixes

Additional Appendixes

List of all Ukrainian grain storage enterprises and their owners (included in work as one of the main appendixes)


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