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Market Research

Brief Description

New comprehensive research covers activities of Ukrainian fat-and-oil industry for the last five seasons. For MY 2007/08-2008/09 the main analysis of oils and fats market in all the aspects is presented, from oilseeds production and crush, goods production, and price market situation to consumption and domestic and foreign trade.

Data on the market capacity, oil and fat products demand and supply, production capacities and competition in the branch are discussed in detail. Basic characteristics of raw materials and trends, including production of oilseeds and crush by-products and import of raw materials by fat-and-oil companies, development prospects and the position of Ukraine in the world oilseeds market are analyzed in detail.

Indicators characterizing all products of fat-and-oil industry production in general and by individual enterprises are presented, as well as domestic consumption and foreign trade, price-setting, products standardization and the industry state regulation are discussed.

The research will be helpful for those agrarian market operators that are engaged in production and trade of oilseeds and their crush by-products, fat and oil products producers, who would like to know about the key components of this market, for the key crushers, exporters and foreign buyers, to expand their sales geography in the future, as well as for analysts of companies and organizations, who study Ukrainian market of oils and fats.

Table of Contents

1. Research Summary

2. Ukraine: Fat-and-Oil Industry in General

2.1. Gross Value of Products

2.2. Market Capacity

2.3. Demand and Supply, Their Increase Rates

2.4. Investment Attractiveness

3. Production Capacities

3.1. Types and Specialization of Crushing Companies, Production Capacities, Level of Technologies/Outdating

3.2. Company Owners

3.3. Competition Level in the Industry, Companies Ratings

3.4. Industry Profitability Evaluation

3.5. Production Capacities Development Prospects

4. Feedstock Base

4.1. General Characteristics and Trends

4.2. Oilseeds Production

4.2.1. Indicators, Dynamics, Geography, Etc.

4.2.2. Evaluation of Sufficiency of Own Raw Material Production

4.3. Imports of Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils for Industrial Processing

4.3.1. Key Trends

4.3.2. Indicators, Dynamics, Geography, etc.

4.3.3. Key Importers and Foreign Suppliers

4.4. Balances of Main Raw Goods Markets

5. Production of Oil and Fat Products

5.1. General Characteristics and Trends

5.2. Types of Products in Dynamics

5.2.1. Vegetable Oils (Crude, Refined, Bottled)

5.2.2. Vegetable Oils Processing Products (Margarine, Mayonnaise, Special Fats, Soap, etc.)

5.2.3. Oilseed Meals

5.2.4. Other (Glycerin, varnish, etc.)

5.3. Companies, Producers’ Ratings

6. Consumption

6.1. Domestic Consumption

6.1.1. Main Consuming Branches and Market Participants

6.1.2. Consumption Volumes Evaluation by Branches and Prospects of Consumption Development

6.2. Exports

6.2.1. Key Trends

6.2.2. Indicators, Dynamics, Geography, etc.

6.2.3. Key Exporters and Foreign Buyers

6.2.4. Evaluation of the Position of Ukraine in the World Market of Oil and Fat Products

7. Prices and Price-Setting for Key Product Types

7.1. Price-Setting Mechanisms

7.2. Key Price-Setting Institutions

7.3. Price Trends for Key Goods

8. State Policy and Legislation

8.1. State Policy in the Oil and Fat Products Market

8.2. Legislation

8.3. Standardization. Prospects and Influence of Introduction of Technical Regulations for Food Products

8.4. Certification

9. Prospects of the Industry Development

10. Statistics

11. Appendixes

Tables & Diagrams

see PA_UkrOilFatIndustry_2010_Eng_adv.pdf


172 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 120 pages, + statistics and main appendixes

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian oilseed producers, by crops, 2008 (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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