Ukraine: grain exports in MY 2009/10

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Market Research

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In recent years, Ukraine has been taking one of the leading positions in the world’s grain market, and in MY 2009/10, it steadily became one of the three leading exporters of grain. In MY 2009/10, Ukraine exported 21.2 million tons of grain crops - the second largest volume in the entire history of the independent state after MY 2008/09.

This new research analyzes in detail the development of production, export and consumption of grain crops and their by-products in the world and in Ukraine in MY 2004/05-2009/10 as well as estimation for MY 2010/11 and prospects. The paper analyzes exports and work of Ukraine’s sea ports transshipping grain cargoes, comparative geography and description of grain crops shipment, etc. Individual sections highlight activities and rating of exporters and foreign buyers, their competitive policies, export price setting and factors that determine the price setting.

The paper also analyses in detail the issues pertaining to export logistics, governmental regulation customs legislation and the main problems of export. It contains detailed statistics for all market indicators.

The current situation in the grain market as well as export potential inside the state will help Ukraine to preserve one of the leading positions in the world’s grain market in the future. Ukraine’s prospects as one of the leading suppliers of products to the world’s market are rather good. Despite instability of grain production, Ukraine’s grain industry is becoming more and more export-oriented; grain export is profitable and it means that grain export will continue to actively influence all processes that take place in the Ukrainian grain market.

Table of Contents

1. Research Summary

2. Global Market

2.1. Main Trends and Development Prospects

2.2. Market Indicators and Balance

2.3. Leading Exporting States

2.4. Leading Importing States

2.5. Global Trade Overview

2.6. Ukraine’s Place in the World’s Grain Market

3. Ukrainian Market

3.1. Market Overview

3.2. Grain Crops Production

3.3. Market Balance Sheets and Overview of Their Items

3.4. Export as Key Element of Market Balance

4. Export

4.1. Overview

4.2. Indicators in Dynamics

4.3. Geography and Causes of Formation Thereof

5. Leading Ukrainian Exporters

5.1. Ratings of Exporters, Their Main Geography

5.2. Leading Exporters’ Resume

6. Main Foreign Buyers 

6.1. Foreign Buyers’ Ratings

6.2. Leading Foreign Buyers’ Resume

7. Grain Crops Offshore Loading

7.1. Overview of Port Loading

7.2. Overview of Port Terminals

7.2. Loading by Ports 

7.3. Leading Port Operators and Their Competitive Policies

8. Factors Determining Export Development, and Evaluation of Their Significance

9. Export Logistics

10. Prices and Price Setting

10.1. Main Factors Determining Export Price Setting

10.2. Comparison of Domestic and Export Prices

10.3. Comparison of Domestic and Export Price Trends

11. Governmental Regulation of Export, Customs Legislation

12. Main Problems Related to Export

12.1. Grain Quality

12.2. Logistics

12.3. VAT Reimbursement for Exporters

12.4. Other Bureaucratic Formalities

13. Prospects of Grain Export Development

10. Statistics

11. Appendixes


225 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 190 pages, + statistics and main appendixes

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian grain producers (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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