Ukraine: cultivated mushrooms market

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Market Research

Brief Description

This new research discusses the main aspects of development of the Ukrainian market of cultivated mushrooms (champignon, pleurotus and some others) during the last several years starting with production of the support medium, micellium and mushrooms, and ending with sales of fresh mushrooms or processing thereof, and production of end food products. Due to their ability to substitute part of animal protein, mushrooms became an indispensable part of Ukrainian cuisine, and demand for them remains high.

The paper pays enough attention to the technological aspects and indicators characterizing industrial production of mushrooms in Ukraine, its expenses and economics, schemes and channels of mushrooms sale, price setting and demand from the end consumers and processing enterprises. Competition among mushroom producers is growing; however, the volumes of their industrial processing and production of end mushrooms products are growing as well even despite increased imports of canned mushrooms especially from China. The research contains figures characterizing production of the end mushroom products and description of the leading producers.

Mushrooms are perishable commodity. However, both producers and sellers of fresh mushrooms were able to organize an appropriate logistic system and actively influence the price setting process. In order to understand the price setting trends, the research authors also evaluated the market capacity and shares of the leading consumers in this market; specific regional characteristics of consumption and its seasonality were also analyzed.

The research conclusion contains sections on standardization of mushroom products, legislation regulating functioning of producers and operators in the foreign trade segment, and prospects for development of the market and consumption of mushrooms in Ukraine.

Table of Contents

1. Research Summary

2. World Market

2.1. Overview, Market and Trade Trends

2.2. Leading Exporters

2.3. Leading Importers

3. Ukrainian Market

3.1. Evaluation of Capacity of Fresh Cultivated Mushrooms Market

3.2. Shares of Imports and Domestic Production

4. Mushrooms Production

4.1. Reasons Causing Development of Interest in Industrial Production of Mushrooms

4.2. Brief Description of Product Types  

4.3. Specific Features of Cultivated Mushrooms Production

4.4. Indicators and Geography of Production and Sales of Mushrooms

4.5. Cost Structure of Mushrooms Production

4.6. Economic Effectiveness of Mushrooms Production

4.7. Leading Producers, Their Description and Shares in Mushrooms Production

4.8. Feedstock Base: Production of Support Medium and Micellium

5. Processing and Production of End Food Products from Mushrooms

5.1. Production of End Products from Mushrooms

5.1.1. Frozen Mushrooms

5.1.2. Canned Mushrooms

5.1.3. Dry Mushrooms

5.2. Sources of Feedstock for Processing, Availability of Domestic Feedstock Base

5.3. Geography of Production of End Mushroom Products

5.4. Leading Producers of End Mushroom Products, Their Description and Production Shares

6. Foreign Trade in Mushrooms and End Mushroom Products

6.1. General Trends: Dynamics, Imports and Exports Correlation

6.2. Exports. Characteristics, Geography. Seasonality. Leading Exporters

6.3. Imports. Characteristics, Geography. Seasonality. Leading Importers

7. Consumption

7.1. General Trends of Consumption Development

7.2. Consumption of Fresh and Processed Mushrooms by Population

7.3. Region-Specific Characteristics of Consumption

8. Domestic Trade in Mushrooms and End Mushroom Products

8.1. Trade Overview

8.3. Development of Sales Channels and Logistics

8.4. Price trends, Dynamics of Wholesale Prices in Main Regions

9. Main Aspects of Standardization and Quality

10. State Policy

9.1. Legislation

9.2. Customs Regulation

11. Prospects of Development of Mushrooms Market and Consumption

12. Conclusions

13. Market in Figures (Statistics)

14. Appendixes

Tables & Diagrams

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100 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 96 pages  

Additional Appendixes

Databases of all Ukrainian mushrooms producers and processors (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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