Ukraine: feedstock base and bioethanol market prospects

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Ukraine is currently facing a challenge of seeking alternative sources of energy and introduction of energy-saving technologies. One of the main ways of reducing consumption of traditional energy resources in Ukraine may be wide use of bioethanol production technologies. Ukraine has sufficient feedstock base and adequate potentials for production of bioethanol.

The new study examines principal problems of feedstock market development and organization of bioethanol production from grain or waste materials of sugar beet production. The study describes the potentials of production development, its investment attractiveness, main ways and areas of development as well as economic benefits of domestic bioethanol production development.

Table of contents

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Important Problems

Environmental Aspects. Kyoto Protocol Requirements

Alternative Source of Energy for Society

Alternative Source of Energy for Internal Needs

Additional Income

Recycling of Excessive Agricultural Products

Brief Description of Bioethanol and Production Technologies

Types of Feedstock

Main Principles and Technologies of Production, Equipment Used for Production

Technological and Consumption Characteristics of Bioethanol

Bioethanol and Alcohol: What is the Difference?

World Experience of Bioethanol Production

Bioethanol World Market. Production and Consumption, Trade

Regional Characteristics (Key Regions and States)

Economic Indicators of Bioethanol Production

Use of Bioethanol: Branches and Characteristics

Development of Bioethanol Feedstock Base in Ukraine

Description, Production and Balance of Markets

i. Feed Grains

ii. Sugar Beet and Sugar Production Wastes

Factors Facilitating Growth of Bioethanol Feedstock Production

i. Increase of Sown Acreage, Yield and Gross Production of Grains and Sugar Beet

ii. Improvement of Agricultural Technologies

iii. Increase of Production Profitability

iv. ProblemsRelated to Sales of Grains and Sugar

Ukrainian Alcohol Market

General Description of Market

Production Capacity



Foreign Trade

Prospects for Development

Bioethanol Production in Ukraine: Trends and Prospects

Factors Facilitating Development of Bioethanol. SWOT- Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

i. High Feedstock Supply

ii. Excessive Capacities of Distilling and Sugar Plants and Need to Cut Them

iii. High Dependence on Imported Energy Resources

iv. Prospects of Governmental Support

v. Potentially High Demand in Foreign Markets

Factors Impeding Development of Bioethanol Production

i. Absence of Governmental Support

ii. Governmental Control in Alcohol Market, High Taxes and Charges

iii. Moderate Prices for Petroleum Products

Governmental Regulation and Support

i. Legislative and Fiscal Differences between Bioethanol and Alcohols in Ukraine

ii. Legislation

iii. State Programs, Including Prospects of Adoption and Implementation

iv. Standardization

Technical Justification of Bioethanol Production

i. Main Technologies Used in Ukraine

ii. Supplied Equipment and Suppliers

Evaluation of Potential and Market Capacities

Economic Justification of Organization of Bioethanol Production

i. Structure of Expenditures

ii. Manufacturing Cost, Profitability and Cost Return

iii. Economic Advantages of Domestic Production of Bioethanol

iv. Optimization of Location of Production Capacities

v. Potential Bioethanol Manufacturers and Investors

Potential Peculiar Characteristics of Bioethanol Use in Ukraine

i. Sales of Primary and Secondary Products

ii. Main Consumers

Available Experience of Bioethanol Production

i. Existing Manufacturers

ii. Projects and Investment Plans


i. Development of the Branch as a Whole

ii. Use of Opportunities for Production Development



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