Ukraine: feedstock base and use of agricultural biomass energy

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At present, Ukraine is facing an important task of seeking new sources of energy and introduction of energy-saving technologies. One of the main ways of decreasing the volumes of consumption of traditional energy can become a wider use of biomass energy production technologies. Our state has a considerable potential to decrease external energy dependence. It will also help to solve a range of important environmental programs, stimulate development of agriculture and machine-building industry.

New research addressee the main problems related to rational use of agricultural biomass produced both in the plant and in animal breeding sectors. The research also analyses the potential of market development, its investment advantages, and main ways and means of development as well as economic benefits of processing organic wastes of the Ukrainian agriculture.

Economic justification and technological aspects of development of facilities for processing agricultural biomass, strong and weak points of this issues, problems related to ensuring state support and regulation and proposals concerning both development of the branch as a whole and using the existing business opportunities that are analyzed in this paper may be of great use for adoption of important decisions on launching similar production at your own enterprise or on investments into such business.

Table of contents


Importance of the problem

Environmental Aspects and Disposal of Waste Matters. Kyoto Protocol Requirements

Alternative Source of Energy for Society

Alternative Source of Energy for Internal Needs

Additional Income

Types and Technological Aspects of Biomass Processing in the World

Types of Biomass

Main Principles and Technologies of Processing

Main Types of Energy and Products Received from Biomass Processing

World Experience of Using Agricultural Biomass

Development and Indicators of Processing Agricultural Biomass in the World

Regional Characteristics of Biomass Processing

Economic Indicators of Biomass Processing

Use of Biomass Processing By-Products

Development of Potential of Agricultural Biomass in Ukraine

Factors Stimulating Growth of Production of Biomass of Plant Origin

i.Growth of Productivity of Agricultural Crops

ii.Changed Crops Structure

iii.Changed Agricultural Technologies of Harvesting and Soil Treatment

iv.Improved Processing of Technological Crops

v.Secondary Processing of Wastes of Agricultural Crops Processing

vi.Development of Technologies of Cattle Management without Bedding

Factors Stimulating Growth of Production of Animal Husbandry Biomass

i. Growth of Cattle and Poultry Population

ii. Increase of Volumes of Fodder Consumption

Assessment of Volumes of Production of Agricultural Biomass in Ukraine

Use of Agricultural Biomass Energy in Ukraine - Trends and Prospects

Analysis of Current Situation

i. Situation of the Energy Resource Market

ii. Evaluation of Capacities for Agricultural Biomass Processing

Governmental Regulation and Support

i. Legislation

ii. Governmental Programs

iii. Standardization

Biomass Processing - Feasibility

i. Principal Technologies Used in Ukraine

ii. Supplied Equipment and Supplying Companies

Processing of Biomass. Evaluation of Potential and Market Capacity

i. Types of Biomass

ii. Types of Biomass Processing By-Products

Economic Justification of Organization of Processing Facilities

i. Structure of Expenses

ii. Manufacturing Cost, Profitability and Rate of Return

iii. Economic Advantages of Internal Processing of Biomass

iv. Optimization of Facilities Location

v. Potential Biomass Processing Enterprises and Investors

Special Characteristics of Use of Biomass Processing By-Products

i. Biogas

ii. Electric Energy

iii. Other Types of Products

iv. Sales of the Principal Products and By-Products , Main Groups of Potential Buyers

Available Experience of Biomass Processing

i. Available Processing Capacities

ii. Projects and Investment Plans

SWOT- Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats


i. Branch Development as a Whole

ii. Use of Opportunities for Development of Processing Facilities



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