Ukraine: feedstock resources and biodiesel market development

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This new research contains a detailed analysis of the main development prospects of Ukrainian biodiesel fuel market. It provides full information about biodiesel production expectations, growth and limiting factors of market development, as well as economic analysis of biodiesel production development, development of feedstock market and its appropriateness to potential industrial needs. Special parts illustrate situation with state regulation, raw materials and biodiesel market pricing. The products quality and standardization questions are discussed as well. Business development prospects and opportunities for organization of biodiesel production are estimated, including export prospects.

Today the interest of foreign investors to biodiesel production development in Ukraine is high. However the objective reasons restrain so far the development of this market in our country. But in spite of lack of the government support and relatively high prices of feedstock the biodiesel production in Ukraine is developing and first of all the development takes place in the field of agricultural producers’ self-sufficiency with the alternative types of fuel. With the growth of prices on energy products and extension of domestic supply the numbers of biodiesel producers will increase.

Table of contents

for lists of tables & charts, please, see: PA_UkrBiodiesel_2008_Eng_adv.pdf

1. Urgency of the problem

1.1. Instability of the oil products market

1.2. Alternative energy source for society

1.3. Alternative fuel production for ones own needs

1.4. Environmental prospects

1.5. Foreign markets demand as an incentive to the production development in Ukraine

1.6. Utilization of agricultural products surplus

2. Brief biodiesel fuel characteristics

2.1. Feedstock sources and the main requirements
2.2. Production technologies

- Technologies with catalysts use

- Technologies with solvent use

- Supercritical technologies

- Multireactors continued technology

2.3. Physical and chemical properties
2.4. Performance parameters and peculiarities

3. World biodiesel market

3.1. Legislative support
3.2. Standards
3.3. Raw materials sources

- Oilseeds and oils production

- Rapeseed and rapeseed oil production

- Prices of rapeseed and rapeseed oil

3.4. Biodiesel production
3.5. Main trends
3.6. Economic analysis
3.7. Consumption volumes
3.8. Attitude of traditional oil products market

4. Ukraine: biodiesel feedstock resources. Rapeseed market

4.1. Rapeseed production

- Sown area, yield and gross production

- Comparative geography

- Varieties

- Soils

- Optimal terms of sowing and harvesting

- Main technologies used for sowing and harvesting, technological schemes

- Technological supplying with production

- Influence factors and risks

- Production economics

4.2. Rapeseed and rapeseed oil patterns of supply and demand

- Supply of rapeseed and products

- Demand for rapeseed and products

4.3. Rapeseed and rapeseed oil market supply

- Rapeseed producers

- Rapeseed storage conditions patterns and storage facilities characteristics

- Logistics. Main rapeseed traffics

- Key factors of supply

- Key factors for supply increasing

4.4. Rapeseed and rapeseed oil market demand

- General trade description

- Exports

- Crushers and their activities

- Marketing channels

- Farm-gate pricing

- Pricing tendencies

- Key pricing market players

- Impact of intermediate trades

4.5. Foreign trade

- Exports. General data and destinations

- Key Ukrainian players

- Key foreign buyers

- Maritime shipments of rapeseed and products

- Imports. General data and origins

4.6. Legislation and state support

- State policy for oilseed market

4.7. Customs regulation

- Export

- Import

4.8. Standardization

4.9. Impact of quality on demand and pricing

4.10. Estimation of raw materials base adequacy for biodiesel industrial production

5. Biodiesel production in Ukraine. Problems and prospects

5.1. Present situation analysis
5.2. State regulations

- Legislation

- State programs

- Bills

- Standardization

5.3. Technical production justification

- Main technologies used in Ukraine

- Suggested equipment and suppliers

5.4. Market demand for biodiesel. Estimation of potentials and market volume

- Domestic demand
- Foreign demand

5.5. Production economics

- Costs structure

- Cost price, profitability and recoupment

- Sales of main and sideline products, main customers groups

- Optimization of facility allocation

- Prospective Producers and Investors

5.6. Production experiences

- Existing productions

- Projects and investment plans

5.7. SWOT analysis: advantages and disadvantages, chances and risks
5.8. Proposals

- Market development on the whole
- Use of opportunities and production development

Market in figures


This research covers 128 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman) as well as statistics and appendixes (altogether 177 pages).

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