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Market Research

Brief Description

This new research describes the situation and main development trends of the markets of flour and cereal products in Ukraine in 2009-2010 and in general over the last five years: feedstock resources, production, industrial and final consumption, domestic and foreign trade, issues related to quality of products and price setting, influence of supply and demand factors on the market, etc.

Furthermore, individual sections of the research discuss state policies in the grain processing markets, supply and demand development as well as the prospects of further development of grain and cereals markets. Despite a high level of governmental regulation, these markets remain attractive for investments, and a large number of producers continue to operate in them.

An important part of this paper is an analysis of supply in the Ukrainian flour and cereals market of companies and holdings that are the largest producers, as well as specific characteristics of their activities and economic efficiency of the flour-and-cereals production.

Table of Contents

1. Summary

2. World Market

2.1. Main Trends in Flour-and-Cereals Market

2.1.1. Production

2.1.2. Trade

2.1.3. Consumption

2.2. CIS Market

3. Feedstock Resources

3.1. Grain Market Overview

3.2. Production and Balance in Grains Market

3.3. Price Setting and Dynamic of Prices for Main Grain Crops Used for Flour and Cereals Production

3.4. Development Prospects

4. Flour and Cereals Production

4.1. Main Development Trends

4.2. Classification of Technologies of Flour and Cereals Production

4.2.1. Main Flour Milling Types, Flour Output and Grades 

4.2.2. Technology of Cereals Production and Types of Cereals

4.3. Assessment of Physical Market Capacity

4.4. Structure, Indicators and Geography of Flour Production

4.4.1.  Wheat Flour

4.4.2. Wheat-and-Rye Flour

4.4.3. Rye Flour

4.4.4. Corn Flour

4.4.5. Rice Flour

4.4.6. Flour of Other Grain and Legume Crops

4.5. Structure, Indicators and Geography of Cereals Production

4.5.1. Wheat Grits 

4.5.2. Wheat Farina

4.5.3. Oat Grits  

4.5.4. Couscous

4.5.5. Buckwheat Grits

4.5.6. Corn Grits

4.5.7. Rice Grits

4.5.8. Peeled Barley  

4.5.9. Barley Grits  

4.5.10. Other Cereals

4.6. Main Trends Characterizing Production of Pre-Packed Products, Branded Products and Value-Added Products

4.7. Bran as Milling By-Product

4.8. Assessment of Production Costs and Economic Efficiency of Production of Flour and Main Types of Cereals

4.9. Leading Producers of Flour-and-Cereals Products, Their Description, Activities Indicators, and Production Shares. Main Brands

5. Consumption of Flour for Industrial Purposes, Description and Main Development Trends

5.1. Baking Industry

5.2. Confectionary Industry

5.3. Pasta and Other Flour Semi-Products Industry

5.4. Dynamics of Flour Consumption Based on Analysis of Production Volumes of Flour Products

5.5. Description of Main Flour Consuming Companies, Their Description and Flour Production Indicators

6.  Consumption by Public Catering and Population

6.1. Flour Consumption

6.2. Cereals Consumption

6.3. Changes in Consumer Preferences

7. Foreign Trade in Flour and Cereals

7.1. Exports

7.1.1. Main Trends

7.1.2. Indicators in Dynamics, Geography and Prices

7.1.3. Leading Exporters and Foreign Buyers

7.2. Imports

7.2.1. Main Trends

7.2.2. Indicators in Dynamics, Geography and Prices

7.2.3. Main Importers and Foreign Suppliers

8. Price Policy and Price Setting

8.1.1. Price Setting Factors

8.1.2. Analysis of Dynamics of Wholesale and Retail Prices for Flour and Cereals

9. Quality Evaluation. Standardization of Products

9.1. Standardization

9.2. Assessment of Correspondence of Quality of Produced Products to Expectations of Domestic and Foreign Consumers

10. State Policies in Flour and Cereals Market

10.1.1. State Regulation

10.1.2. Customs Regulation

11. Development Prospects of Flour and Cereals Markets, Production and Consumption

12. Market in Figures (Statistics)

13. Appendixes


135 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 106 pages, + statistics and main appendixes  

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian grain processors, and flour and cereals producers (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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