Ukraine: agricultural machinery market. Machinery and equipment for crop sector

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Market Research

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New research highlights the situation and development trends of the Ukrainian market of agricultural machinery and equipment for agriculture in 2009-2013: development of domestic production, foreign trade, machines and tractors park state, and demand for agricultural machinery, the impact of agricultural development level and financial condition of farms on the machinery market, etc.

In addition, some sections focused on the structure of domestic production of equipment, competition of domestic and imported products, as well as prospects for further growth of machinery market for crop in Ukraine. Currently, the market technologically updated, mainly due to imports of both new and used machinery - Ukrainian foreign trade of agricultural machinery detailed in this research.

Development of crop market characterizes the level of demand for agricultural machinery. Therefore, an important part of the study is to examine the current and potential demand response through cropping patterns, crop profitability, availability of machinery of farmers, their financial condition and other factors affecting the development needs of agricultural machinery. Not only the actual level of agricultural mechanization, but also calculation of the potential need for crop production is presented in this work. Thus, due to the rapid aging of existing equipment and improving the financial condition need of the Ukrainian farmers to purchase new equipment in the coming years will grow.

Russian Version

see "Украина: рынок сельскохозяйственной техники. Машины и оборудование для растениеводства"

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