Key problem of Ukrainian eggs market is underdeveloped breeding stock– new research by ProAgro on chicken eggs market

14:28 | ProAgro

For hundreds of years, eggs played the major role in human nutrition and remained one of the most economically profitable and affordable universal food products containing high-quality protein, vitamins, saturated fats, folate, ferrum, phosphor and zinc as well as many other fundamental ingredients necessary for healthy life.

Due to the eggs’ nutrient characteristics as well as to the high profitability of poultry meat production, starting from 1990 annual eggs production and consumption increment is 1-3%. Thus, today the poultry industry is the most dynamic branch of the world agro-industrial complex.

According to the experts, in 2008 the world production of eggs totaled about 64 million tons. In the structure of eggs production, about 62% today are accounted for by the Asian-Pacific region.

In the global rating of eggs producers, Ukraine takes the eleventh place. One of the main problems related to eggs production in Ukraine is weak development of the breeding stock; one can observe a sustainable trend toward the decrease of a number of breeding stock reproducers. There is not a single Grade I egg poultry breeding stock reproducer in Ukraine. Industrial egg poultry farms are served by eight Grade II egg poultry breeding stock reproducers that have to import one-day old chicks of the parent forms. This makes Ukrainian producers more dependent on foreign genetic resources.

You can obtain more detailed information on main issues related to the Ukrainian eggs market development getting acquainted with research "Ukraine: Egg Poultry Farming and Chicken Eggs Market" prepared by ProAgro. The problems of poultry farming and eggs production in Ukraine are presented in detail in the study, including the key development trends, problems and prospects, data on feed resources, feeds production and consumption, commercial eggs production, technologies used, equipment and many other issues.

Furthermore, production indicators concerning poultry farming and chicken egg market are discussed; requirements as for chicken eggs production and consumers’ preferences as well as prospects of eggs consumption growth in Ukraine are also addressed in the research.

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