Technological improvement of grain storage processes is a way to increase agrarians’ trust in commercial elevators

12:50 | ProAgro

Recently Ukrainian agrarians and officials keep saying that the Agrarian Fund is to be granted the right to export grain. In its turn, to have the right assessment of state-owned elevators work quality is to be conducted. This problem concerns not only the state-owned grain silos but also those enterprises, the owners of which export or plan to export grain. Thus, in the opinion of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, many grain traders do not go to the Agrarian Fund as they have doubts concerning the possibility of proper grain storage. It should be noted that the grain market is very flexible. Grain prices are constantly changing but despite it, high-quality grain, which was stored in good conditions, will always find ready market and cost much higher.

Experienced grain traders know that many different requirements are developed for the grain silos that are the places for organized and rational grain storage - technical, technological, operational and economic requirements. All of them are aimed at providing grain lots storage in silos with minimal loss in mass without loss of quality and with the lowest possible storage cost.

In view of the physical and moral aging of the grain drying basis developed in the past as well as almost entire termination of its replenishment, considerable upgrading and increase of grain drying capacities are needed. Development of grain-dryers with flexible, versatile drying technological scheme will be of the highest priority. Polymeric materials will be widely used in technological and transport equipment. That will facilitate reduction of power inputs by 15%, metal consumption - by 10%; grain damage and its quality loss during the treatment process will decrease.

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