The quality of feed base determines directly the increase of poultry population and the growth of its productivity – ProAgro Company research

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The most important condition for sustaining and increasing productive characteristics of agricultural animals, including poultry, is the value and balance of feeding rations.

The quality of feed base determines directly the increase of poultry population and the growth of its productivity, which in its turn determines the rate of increase and the volumes of production of poultry farming products. Feeds production is extremely important for the branch development since poultry productivity by 50-80% depends on the environment factors, the most important of which is feeding. Feed and feeding has a much higher influence on the organism than poultry breed and origin.

The specific feature characterizing poultry farming is that in the structure of manufacturing cost of products, feed accounts for the highest expenses. During production of poultry meat, the share of the feed expenses in direct material costs is 72%, and during production of eggs the feed share currently reaches 85%.

Depending on the biological characteristics of individual types of animals and poultry, the rations differ greatly in terms of the correlation of different types of feed. In the structure of the ration used for feeding animal poultry, the largest share is that of concentrated feed. In Ukraine, non-concentrated feeds account for over 98% of all production volumes compared to 80% in swine farming and 25-27% in cattle farming. Worldwide, over 38% of the overall grown or produced feed is used for poultry farming and its volumes are growing year after year.

At present, the most important goal of poultry feeding is to ensure health of people and poultry, which more or less determines all the other trends and areas, namely:

  • higher quality of feeds;
  • lower share of feed of animal origin and bread grains in the ration;
  • wider range of non-traditional feeds;
  • higher efficiency of feed conversion both due to preliminary treatment of feeds and due to the use of feed supplements with various effect - production of functional products for dietetic, preventive and health care nutrition.

New thorough research by ProAgro Company "Poultry Farming in Ukraine" covers dynamics and key trends of poultry farming development in Ukraine. In the research market analysis is presented in all its aspects - from poultry breeding, young birds supply to poultry plants, material and technical basis to production of poultry meat and chicken eggs and trade with them and their processing by-products.

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