While the import of frozen fish decreased, the supply of fresh and chilled fish to Ukraine grew by 47% in 2011

11:48 | ProAgro

According to the ProAgro Company, in 2011 the volume of imports of fish (except fillets) in Ukraine in comparison with the previous year decreased by 20.9% to 279.8 thousand tons, in value terms - by 13.7% to $ 380.4 million

At the same time by a decline in imports of frozen fish - by 22.7% to 266.2 thousand tons, the supply of fresh and chilled fish increased by 47.4% to 13.6 thousand tons. In value terms frozen fish imports has declined by 20.0% to $ 306.6 million, and fresh and chilled fish imports has increased by 28.1% to $ 73.8 million. It is worth noting that Norwegian companies have most significantly reduced the export of frozen fish - to 22.5 thousand tons, compared to 139.1 thousand tons in 2010.

In the structure of imports the share of frozen fish is 68.8%, prepared or preserved fish products -12.4%, fish fillets and other fish meat - 11.4%, fresh and chilled fish - 3.5%, and crustaceans and mollusks - 3.4%.

Note, that the import of finished goods and tinned fish, sturgeon caviar and its substitutes rose by 4.3% to 42.8 thousand tons, the import of finished and canned crustaceans, molluscs - by 26.7% to 5.1 tons

At the same time, the import of fish fillets and other fish meat to Ukraine decreased by 17.1% to 44.1 thousand tons, the import of crustaceans - by 9.4% to 9.0 tons, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates - 7.3% to 4.1 tons.

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