Sausage Products Market: Assessment of the Situation and Looking for Ways of Development 16:19
While the import of frozen fish decreased, the supply of fresh and chilled fish to Ukraine grew by 47% in 2011 11:48
The quality of feed base determines directly the increase of poultry population and the growth of its productivity – ProAgro Company research 15:48
When a poultry breeder wants to receive more meat from one square meter, he should prefer cage housing, and when he prefers higher quality – floor housing is recommended – ProAgro Company research 17:53
Poultry farming is the most intensive animal husbandry branch that is able to develop on an almost self-financing basis – ProAgro Company research 16:32
Ukraine: potential domestic food eggs market capacity estimated at 1-1.2 bln eggs per month – ProAgro research 18:12
Ukraine: Leghorn hens became most widespread in poultry farming – ProAgro research on egg poultry farming 18:09
Availability of 40-50% of yellow corn and 3% of alfalfa flour in feed can help to achieve intensive yolk color – new research by ProAgro on chicken eggs market 09:44
Key problem of Ukrainian eggs market is underdeveloped breeding stock– new research by ProAgro on chicken eggs market 14:28
Ukraine: pig breeding & pork market 09:48
Ukraine: fish and fish products market 12:32
Ukraine: dairy cattle-breeding and milk industry 09:54
Ukraine: pig breeding and pork market 10:01