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Market Research

Brief Description

This new research describes the situation and main development trends in the market of soybean and soybean by-products in Ukraine for past 5 seasons: production, processing and consumption, domestic and foreign trade, problems related to logistics and quality of products, price setting, impact of supply and demand factors on the market, etc.

Additionally, individual sections of this research discuss economics and practice of soybean growing in Ukraine, state policies in the oilseeds market as well as prospects of soybean market development both with regard to the growing domestic demand and in view of rapid development of exports.

An important part of the research is the analysis of the situation in the Ukrainian market of soybean and soybean products of companies - the largest producers and traders.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. World Market

2.1. Main Trends and Development Prospects

2.2. Market Indicators and Balance

2.3. Main Exporting Countries

2.4. Main Buying Countries

2.5. Ukraine’s Place in Global Soybean Market

3. Balance of Ukrainian Soybean Market. Brief Description of Its Items

4. Soybean Production

4.1. Production Indicators

4.1.1. Planted Area, Harvested Area, Gross Yield - in general for Ukraine - by regions

4.2. Production Analysis

4.2.1. Comparative Geography

4.2.2. Correspondence to Soil and Climate Characteristics of Different Regions

4.2.3. Main Technologies Used for Production and Harvesting, Technological Maps

4.2.4. Technical Equipment and Its Characteristics

4.2.5. Main Cultivated Varieties

4.2.6. Influence Factors and Risks - Weather - Prices - Economic Factors

4.3. Production Economic Analysis

4.3.1. Production Costs and Profitability, Costs Structure

4.3.2. Compared to Other Main Crops: Grain and Technical Crops

5. Foreign Trade in Soybean

5.1. Imports

5.1.1. Indicators (Volumes, Prices, Geography)

5.1.2. Leading Importers

5.1.3. Leading Foreign Suppliers

5.2. Exports

5.2.1. Indicators (Volumes, Prices, Geography)

5.2.2. Leading Exporters

5.2.3. Leading Foreign Buyers

5.2.4. Reasons for Exports Development

6. Soybean Supplies

6.1. Supplies Analysis

6.1.1. Supplies Overview and Development Trends

6.1.2. Seasonality

6.1.3. Factors Influencing Supplies

6.2. Soybean Storage

6.3. Logistics

6.3.1. Transportation Flows Geography

6.3.2. Average Costs of Logistics/Delivery to Main Consumers

7. Crushing of Soybean and Production of Soybean By-Products

7.1. Indicators Characterizing Crushing, Production of Soybean Oil, Meal and Presscake

7.2. Crushing Companies

7.2.1. Crushing Indicators

7.2.2. Brief Description of Leading Crushers

7.3. Reasons for Predominant Production of Soybean Presscake

7.4. Evaluation of Volumes of Soybean Crushing for Production of High-Level By-Products

8. Foreign Trade in Soybean By-Products

8.1. Imports

8.1.1. Indicators (Volumes, Prices, Geography)

8.1.2. Leading Importers

8.1.3. . Leading Foreign Suppliers

8.1.4. Analysis of Soybean Meal Imports - Reasons for Imports Development - Comparison with Domestic Product Supplies

8.2. Exports

8.2.1. Indicators (Volumes, Prices, Geography)

8.2.2. Leading Exporters

8.2.3. Leading Foreign Buyers

9. Consumption of Soybean By-Products

9.1. General Consumption Development Trends

9.2. Some Aspects of Domestic Consumption

9.2.1. Influencing Factors

9.2.2. Seasonality

9.3. Consuming Industries

9.3.1. Characteristics, Dynamics and Development Prospects

9.3.2. Assessment of Consumption Volumes

9.3.3. Quality Requirements

10. Domestic Trade in Soybean and Soybean By-Products

10.1. Trade Overview

10.2. Comparative Role of Various Groups of Consumers/Traders

10.3. Marketing Channels Development

10.4. Price Setting and Price Dynamics

10.4.1. Main Price Setting Institutions

10.4.2. Comparison of Dynamics of World and Ukrainian Prices

10.4.3. Dynamics of Domestic Prices by Main Consumers

10.4.4. Impact of Main Consumers on Market and Price Dynamics

10.5. Competition with Other Oilseeds and Their By-Products

11. Quality of Soybean and Its By-Products

11.1. Standardization

11.2. Impact of Quality on Demand and Price Setting

12. State Policy in Market of Oilseeds and Their By-Products

12.1. State Regulation and State Support

12.2. Customs Regulation and Certification

12.3. Problems and State Regulation Regarding Genetically Modified Products

13. Prospects of Soybean and Soybean By-Products Market

13.1. Development of Domestic Soybean Supply

13.2. Development of Oil-and-Fat Industry

13.3. Development of Domestic Consumption

13.4. Development of Exports Demand

14. Main Conclusions

15. Market in Figures

16. Appendixes


140 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 120 pages, + statistics and main appendixes

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian soybean producers and processors (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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