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Market Research

Brief Description

This complex research is offering to readers a total review of the vegetable oil and fat market of Ukraine and its activity during the last five seasons. The analysis of the market includes all its main segments: from production and refinery of oilseeds, its processing, and price situation on the market - to consumption, and to domestic and foreign trade of their.

Feature of this research is the characteristic of operation of the largest companies in vegetable oil and fat branch of Ukraine that includes every main data collected for any of them. This characteristic allows not only estimating a place of each company in the vegetable oil and fat market of Ukraine, but also to overview all the trends of its work in recent years.

Among features of this work we will also note the analysis of the Ukrainian export logistics of vegetable oils, and also analysis of compliances between raw resources zones round the enterprises to refinery capacities of these enterprises.

More detailed representation of that research is given by its contents given below.

Table of Contents


Resource base


Short analysis of supply and demand on the markets of basic raw materials

Domestic production of oilseeds

Indicators, dynamics, geography, main trends.

Correlation between self-cost and profitability of production

Evaluation of self-saturation of raw materials (by companies)

Imports of oilseeds and vegetable oils for industrial processing

Indicators, dynamics, geography, main trends

Main importers

Legislation of imports

Production facilities of oilseeds complex

Types and specialization of crushing enterprises

Production facilities, level of technological equipment/Aging

Evaluation of investment attractiveness and prospects of production facilities development

Crushing and production

General characteristics and trends

Gross values of products

Refinery of oilseeds

Values of crushing

Involvement level of refinery capacities

Evaluation of compliance of refinery capacities to geography and to the supply of raw materials

Production by types in dynamics

Vegetable oils (crude, refined, bottled)

Vegetable oils processing byproducts (margarine, mayonnaise, special fats, hydrogenated fat)

Oilseed meals and cakes

Other byproducts (peels, soybean covers, phosphatide concentrates)

Evaluation of refinery profitability


Domestic consumption

Main consuming branches and market participants

Evaluation of consumption volumes by branch and prospects of consumption development


Main trends

Evaluation of Ukrainian positions on the world market of vegetable oil and fat products

Indicators, dynamics, geography, main trends

Main exporters

Requirements to vegetable oil and fat products by the main importers, exports to EU

Short characteristics of the exports logistics of Ukrainian vegetable oil and fat products and perspectives of its expansion

The prices and pricing of main types of production

Mechanisms of pricing

Main institution of pricing

Tendencies of the prices of the main goods

Main facilities/holdings and analysis of its results

Level of Competition in Branch, Rating of Enterprises

Evaluation of the gross value of production

Evaluation of complain between facilities capacity and supply of raw materials

Characteristics of major facilities/holdings






Mironivsky Hliboproduct (MHP)

Pologyvsky refinery (Von Sass AG)

Bunge Urkraine

Satellite (Noble Group)


Svativska olia



Kahivka Protein-Agro

Known programs of development

State policy and legislation

Vegetable oils and fats market

Standardization. Prospects and consequences of introduction of technical regulations for food products

Prospects of the development of branch


Resource base

Refinery and production of vegetable oils and fats


Prices and pricing

Main facilities/holdings and analysis of its results


220 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 180 pages, + statistics and main appendixes

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian oilseed producers and processors, by crops and products, 2008 (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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  • + all statistical data (MS Excel).

Russian Version

see "Украина: портрет масложировой отрасли 2014"

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