Ukraine: fat-and-oil industry in figures

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Statistical Report

Brief Description

The statistical analysis describes all main segments of the market - from recourse base of branch, processing of oilseeds and productions of finished goods - to consumption and foreign trade of it.

Data on work of the largest companies of oil and fat branch of Ukraine are presented in the statistical analysis in details; the Ukrainian export logistics of vegetable oils, compliance of refinery capacities to the geography and to the offer of raw materials is also analyzed.

The special section describes pricing in the oil and fat market and the assessment of profitability of processing of the oilseeds.

Table of Contents

Resource base

Balances and short analysis of basic raw materials markets

Domestic production of oilseeds: indicators, dynamics, geography, main trends

Correlation between profitability of production and seeding areas

Evaluation of self-saturation of raw materials

Imports of oilseeds and vegetable oils for industrial processing

Production facilities of oilseeds complex

Refinery of oilseeds and production of oils and fats

Market capacity and gross cost of produced goods

Refinery of raw materials

Production by types of goods in the dynamic

Evaluation of the profitability of refinery


Main consuming branches and market participants

Evaluation of consumption volumes by branch and prospects of consumption development


Evaluation of Ukrainian positions on the world market of vegetable oil and fat products

Export: Indicators, dynamics, geography, main trends, etc.

Short characteristics of the exports logistics of Ukrainian vegetable oil and fat products and perspectives of its expansion

The prices and pricing of main types of production

Main facilities/holdings and analysis of its results

Main facilities, refinery of raw materials, capacity of materials, production of goods

Evaluation of the gross value of goods, evaluation of complains between facilities capacity and supply of raw materials, sells: domestic and export

Known programs of development

State policy and legislation


184 tables, 155 charts

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian oilseed producers and processors, by crops and products, 2008 (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


  • designed tables and charts in MSExcel (*.xls)

  • additional appendixes

Russian Version

see "Украина: масложировая отрасль в цифрах"

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