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This new research contains analysis and trends describing the market of potatoes and their by-products in 2006-2011 and the current tendencies. Potato varieties grown in Ukraine, the used equipment and farming machines, production and storage technologies, price-setting systems, production costs and expenses as well as channels and potatoes consumption volumes are covered in detail.

The trends as well as domestic market and foreign trade indicators, data on potatoes and their by-products, producers, exporters and importers as well as risks and market development prospects are also discussed in detail. The research also addresses such issues as customs and state market regulation and standardization.

Table of Contents

1. Summary

2. Potato Production

a. by Regions and Natural and Climate Zones

b. by Farm Types

3. Technologies of Production Cycle

a. Main Agrarian Technologies and Technological Maps

b. Cultivated Varieties

c. Equipment and Farming Machines Used, the Need for Imports thereof

d. Application of Fertilizers and Crop-protecting Agents

e. Irrigation

f. Storage Conditions, Availability, Characteristics and Sufficiency of Vegetable Storage Facilities

g. Labor Organization in Potato Production

4. Analysis of Industrial Producers (by Company)

a. by Areas, Gross Yield and Productivity

b. by Form of Property

5. Price-setting System

a. Prices and Price-setting for Potato, incl. Retail

b. Production Cost and Growing Expenses (Production Economy)

c. Influence Factors and Risks

6. Foreign Trade

a. Imports: Leading States and Supplying Companies and Importers, Volumes and Prices

b. Exports: Leading States and Buying Companies and Exporters, Volumes and Prices

7. Potato Consumption

a. Main Marketing Channels and Consumption Volumes

b. Status and Prospects of Growing Potato Chips and "French Fries" Varieties

c. Industrial Consumption for Starch Production

8. State Regulation and Support

9. Standardization

10. Market Development Prospects

11. Market in Figures

12. Appendixes


145 pages (11 ppt Times New Roman), incl. main part - 120 pages, + statistics and main appendixes

Additional Appendixes

Database of all Ukrainian potato producers (agricultural enterprises) (MS Excel, in Ukrainian)


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